Hot sauce, marinades, rubs and dips

Try our amazing range of delicious, fresh tasting hot sauce, marinades, rubs and dips made from all natural ingredients. Created by an adventurer and a food lover – beautifully made in Britain.

Spicy German

Curry Sauce

A historic vegetables & earthy spices recipe. Also known as currywurst sauce, created in Berlin in 1949 by Herta Heuwer. Great on burgers, wings, pulled pork, ribs and, of course, bratwurst!

Made in honor of the Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal.

Great for BBQs, grills & bratwurst.

Hot Mayo

Curried Mayonnaise

Hot Mayo Sussex (HMS) is a recreation of the Coronation Sauce of 1953 to commemorate the coronation of HM Queen Elizabeth II. Our Sussex made curried mayo gives a creamy kick to your dips, chicken & fries with blended exotic spices from the British Commonwealth.

Made in honor of the Royal Navy heavy cruiser HMS Sussex.

Great on fries, chicken & dips.


Abominable Hot Sauce

Our YETI! Abominable Hot Sauce turns bland meals into culinary fire! Made with ghost chilies & coffee. Ghost or Naga chili originates from the foothills of East Himalaya, also the home range of the infamous Yeti.

Made in honor of the legendary Royal Gurkha Rifles.

Great with dark meats, wings & ribs.

Best before, see bottle. At home, refrigerate once opened and enjoy within 21 days.

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