Our story

Creating authentic food is a taste adventure, and here at Cheeky Boy Sauces we love an adventure!

image of one of each of 3 Cheeky boy sauce bottles laying on chopping board with food items

From worldwide travel we have found amazing local food – not only from high-end restaurants and hotels, but from the workers’ cafes, the roadside diners, and street food vendors found in Europe, Central Asia, the Far and Middle East.

Bringing these authentic flavours back to the UK, we have developed a range of sauces, dips and marinades that kick start the palate and spark up the mojo in your taste buds, whether you are at home or on the go.

We are genuine people who are making these sauces because we adore them, we love to try new things and to share what we’ve discovered.  Our Cheeky Boy Sauces are innovative and are produced bursting with vegetables and clean, natural ingredients.

Through our desire to add a twist to the everyday, our Cheeky Boy Sauces are set to liven your dishes and add zing to your creativity.

Allow your food to transport you to faraway places and revel in the adventure – explore with us and let our Cheeky Boy Sauces be the basis of your inspiration.

Kaye Foong, CEO & Founder of Cheeky Boy Sauces. Ex-army forces, adventurer and food lover.

Kaye Foong